1. Colour- U​se a neutral colour palette on walls, ceiling and flooring then add a splash of colour through accessories, rugs, ​ paintings and furnishings to keep the design fresh and flowing
2. Lighting - The right or wrong lighting will have a major impact on your room'​ s design particularly on ​the colour of the walls. Enhancing the flow of natural light will allow for not only a brighter room but also so that it appears larger and more spacious. Replace heavy curtains with light blinds or voiles to eliminate blocked light.

3. Painting the ceiling a lighter shade of white will enhance the size of the room, for larger rooms with high ceilings why not try a deep shade of blue or floral print paper for a dramatic feel.

4. Create feature walls – whether that is adding wallpaper to an existing fireplace wall or simply changing the shade of paint on a corresponding one is a great way of adding variety and colour to a room.

5. Use contrasting patterns and fabrics in the room to make it visually exciting
​ -​ cream on cream will fade into the background. Don’t be afraid to mix prints, for example, ​ stripe, checks and floral with the most prominent colour used in both materials. Play around with a variety of textures also as this will help to evoke the senses
6. Details - A great way to enhance a simplistic room is to add subtle details through accessories, pillows, tiebacks or rugs

7. Mirrors placed in the right place in the room can help to not only add design detail but also enhance the flow of natural light around the room

8. Hang curtains as high to the ceiling as possible – this will create ceiling height making the room look longer and more spacious

9. Flooring - for a cosy feel to the room use carpets throughout living areas. If you are working with wooden floor or tiles then large rugs can help to​ break up cold spaces

10. Have fun! Redesigning your home is not meant to be a dreaded task, let your home ooze personality. If you need any help at all our dedicated team can help you out with any design query.